May 19, 2016

Back in November 2015 when I redesigned this website, it was purely to help me find a new job. I introduced Case Studies & Journals for the first time, but didn’t update these as much as I would have liked.

In February 2016 I started with Sugar Rush Creative, since then I have been meaning to take down what was previously there, and replace it with something a little more fun and light hearted.

I want my new website to be somewhere I can push boundaries, something we don’t necessarily get to do with client work often.

Starting today I have stripped my site back, as a starting point. Like many others, its hard finding the time to work on your own projects, so I came up with a simple plan.

If I stick to that (big if), thats 7 hours a week, 28 hours a month.

My new site will be built on Craft CMS rather than Jekyll. Jekyll seemed like a good option at the time but it has its limitations, particularly when it comes to creating more unique content (Case Studies for example).